Rosemary Quaye is the leading tenor and alto saxophonist in the UK and the only current chart-topping player in the north. She has over 30 years of experience playing live, in recording studios, touring with many ensembles & orchestras and performing alongside DJs.

Rosemary is always in demand for her talented musicianship and larger-than-life personality. She is often seen on television networks such as BBC & Granada and has performed on radio stations like Galaxy & BBC Radio 1 for thousands of listeners. Being a truly international player, she has also appeared on radio and tv in South Africa.


She has been invited to perform at many prestigious corporate and celebrity events including the “2015 Manchester United Player Of The Year” event with Louis Van Gaal, after which a video clip went viral on social media.

If you are in need of a truly remarkable saxophonist you can be sure that Rosemary Quaye is a delight to work with and always delivers a memorable performance.


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